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Meet the Staff: Dr.Mark Heran

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“I chose to do an implant over a bridge. The procedure was easy and afterward I was given a prescription for pain medication which I did not fill. That evening before bedtime I took a couple of Advil just to make sure I slept well. After that I didn’t take any pain medication at all.”
George G. Healy

“Just a note of thanks to Dr. Todd E. Shatkin of Amherst, New York for speaking with me about mini-dental implants. I had three partials in my mouth for over twenty years that I needed constant adjustments. At one of my appointments at his clinic…”
Betty Kleinfelder – Arcade, New York

“I am writing to thank Dr. Todd E. Shatkin for his wonderful call-in radio show on Sundays. I have been listening and enjoying the medical/dental advice show for a year. Recently I lost several teeth. When I heard about the mini dental implants…”

Darbi Jan Rash – Amherst, New York

“Thank you all for changing my life through your services and your loving ways! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for improving my smile, my ability to chew and for being such a loving Christian oriented business! I’ll never forget you all and will always refer you whenever I can.”
Bonita Allen

“Dr. Shatkin of Amherst, New York was my last hope. As a recovering cancer patient suffering from radiation caries my teeth had deteriorated to a point beyond repair. I dreaded the thought of dentures…”

DJ Smith – Arcade, New York

“This experience was the best I have had. No discomfort, very relaxed and tooth (crown) feels like the real thing. This was a pleasurable experience for a dentist visit. Staff is super friendly and exceptionally understanding and helpful. I have received upper implants from Dr. Brown and should have done this a year ago.”
Marvin Harols

“Thanks to all of you for helping me regain my smile! You know this has been a very horrifying experience because of my fear. Still you made me comfortable and showed you cared.”